Group C Facilities management (FMs) operates across in all business sectors. Our main priority of our FM is to keep peoples alive and safe. Our Facility management operates at two levels:

  • Strategically-tactically: helping clients, customers and end-users understand the potential impact of their decisions on the provision of space, services, cost and business risk.
  • Operationally: ensuring corporate and cost effective environment for the occupants to function.

These objectives are accomplished by managing:

Fire safety

The threat from fire carries one of the highest risks to loss of life, and the potential to damage to property or shut down a business. Our facilities management department will have in place maintenance, inspection and testing for all of the fire safety equipment and systems, keeping records and certificates of compliance.


Protection of employees and the business often comes under the control of the facilities management department, in particular the maintenance of security hardware. Manned guarding may be under the control of a separate department.

Maintenance, testing and inspections

Group C Facility Management ensure that, there is well Maintenance, testing and inspection schedules are required to ensure that the facility is in operations safely and efficiently in compliance with statutory obligations, to maximize the life of equipment, and to reduce the risk of failure.

Our work is planned, often using a computer-aided facility management (CAFM) system to maintain the Building which includes all preventatives, remedial and upgrade works required for the upkeep and improvement of buildings and their components. These works may include disciplines such as painting and decorating, carpentry, plumbing, glazing, plastering, and tiling. Buildings may be designed with a view to minimizing their maintenance requirement.


Cleaning operations are often undertaken out of business hours, but provision may be made during times of occupations for the cleaning of toilets, replenishing consumables (such as toilet rolls, soap) plus litter picking and reactive response is scheduled as a series of periodic (daily, weekly and monthly) tasks.


Group C facilities management department takes the full responsibilities of day-to-day running of the building; we sign a task for one of our staff to carry out of directly report in every day. This is a major one of our policy issue.

Business continuity planning

Group C Facility Management ensure that the business continuing running with the plans that they have for your organization in case there is a fire out break or major failure the business can recover quickly. We also ensure that every day our officer from facility department your site to ensure proper accountability and report.