We do debt recovery for individuals and organization. But note that meaning of debt recovery is the process of pressuring payment of a debt owed by individuals or organization. An organization that has specialized in debt collection is known as Group C Ghana. Most of agencies operates as agent of creditors and collect debt for a fee or percentage of the total.
But why should I give our debtors to Group C Ghana?

a) Because before Group C Ghana will acts in any debt recovery, we investigate.
b) We also take the power of Attorney from our client.
c) We also take evidence from our client.
d) We also act professional in legality but not police or any security enforcement.
e) Because we have resource personnel who have been in training for more than ten years. Which they also act in professional in debt recovery.

However, it is unlawful for a debt collector to attempt to collect more than the amount originally agreed upon- whether the agreement was in written or not. Only Group C Ghana knows this, this is the reason why we are asking you to give your debtors to Group C Ghana.

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