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*Terms and Condition

  1. All the information provided above must be accurate.
  2. Apart from the amount we are ordered to retrieve, if the debtor(s) proves to be difficult in paying the said amount to us, Group C will use legal means to retrieve the said amount and all the legal expenses will be borne by debtor or client.
  3. Group C will deduct the agreed percentage before the client receives the cheque.
  4. If the debtor(s) pay the said amount as agreed, the client can claim his or her money by filling our client payment form before his or her money will be release to him or her.
  5. I/we agree that it is my/our responsibility to bear the cost of leading Group C to serve my/our debtors with the invitation and warning letters.

NOTE: I/we agree to pay non-refundable administrative cost of GH¢ 100.00 for individual and GH¢ 200.00 for organizations.