Asset and Facility Management is core of a profession that focuses on the efficient maintenance of an organization’s and individuals asset and properties like buildings, physical plant, vehicles, industrial sector, Shops, property management, real estate property management, Hospitality management, Power/Light management, Keys, small and heave duty equipment, Mobile devices, Contract management, Testing and inspections, Communications infrastructure, EHS (environment, health, safety), Property strategy, Space management, operations and maintenance, city management, Technology sector, emergency preparedness and business continuity, banking sector and every equipment in a way that offers the best value to the Properties owner’s and users alike.

It’s also an application that ensures safety, functionality and comfort in the built environment as well as compliance with existing legal requirements.

Why should I give my Asset for Group C Asset and Facility Management to Manage?

Because an organization that has specialized in Asset and Facility Management is known as Group C Ghana Ltd – which manages all types of assets across a different business sector in the world, which we work on both a strategic and operational level.

  1. Because before Group C Ghana will act in any facility management, we investigate.
  2. We also take the power of Attorney form our client.
  3. We implements what we signed for.
  4. We also act in professional.
  5. We provide report and accountability basis to the owner.
  6. Because our charges are low.
  7. Because your money and your property is secure and safety.
  8. It reduces your thinking of how to maintain your property.
  9. Because we does all your maintainers and the operation for you.
  10. Because it reduces your operation cost.
  11. Because we have a resource personal who have been in training for more than ten years in all over there world. Which they also act in professional in Asset and Facility Management.

However, it is unlawful for a Asset and Facility Management to attempt to collect more than the amount originally agreed upon-whether the agreement was in written or not. Only Group C Ghana knows this, this is the reason why we are asking you to give your Asset to Group C facility management to manage.

Facility management professionals are tasked with providing, maintaining and developing a number of different services such as:

Immovable assets

  1. Vertical real estate offices, retail, industrial, etc
  2. Horizontal real estate, urban parks, playgrounds, sports facilities, etc
  3. Infrastructure networks -power, water, roads, sewerage, transport, etc